Innovate or Die

My favorite entry in the Innovate or Die contest is MIT’s pedal powered supercomputer. Although I am rather fond of many of the other entries that were more pure creativity and ingenuity that somebody cobbled together mostly from things they had lying around, I liked MIT’s entry the most because I think it was the most practically significant. I’m not saying that there is going to be a run on pedal powered computers in the future, but it is a fine example of energy efficient computing. With computers as common as they are, making them more energy efficient can have many implications on energy consumption. Not to mention that this technology is probably the most marketable idea in the contest. Again, not because of its pedal power, but its extreme energy efficiency is likely to catch the eye of companies that operate supercomputers and servers. The less energy the computers use, the more money in the company’s pocket, and the less heat the computers generate because of the reduced energy, the closer together you can put the computers. With computers that are more energy and space efficient, what’s not to love?


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