HD-DVD is Dead

After two years and 1.3 million HD-DVD drives sold, the high definition format war is over. Toshiba, the format’s main backer, has announced that it will stop development, manufacture and marketing of the format. Though both HD-DVD and Blu-ray enjoyed roughly equal support initially, HD-DVD has slowly been losing support in recent months. Despite having cheaper stand alone units, the HD-DVD camp simply couldn’t stand up to the comparatively massive install base of Blu-ray afforded by the PS3. Fortunately for many, this format war was over before either format really caught on, or else there could have been many more than 1.3 million people that spent hundreds of dollars on what is now essentially useless. I can only hope that the next generation of optical media can be decided on before people throw away hundreds of dollars on something destined for uselessness.


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